HomeGym 4U Nonslip Ab Mat – Perfect For Sit Ups & Crunches – Great Exercise Equipment For Home – Core Workout Abdominal Exercise, Fitness, Six Pack, Brilliant Lower Back Support

Great Exercise Equipment For Home – HomeGym 4U Nonslip Ab Mat – Perfect For Abdominal Exercise, Sit Ups & Crunches, Fitness, Core Workout, Six Pack, Brilliant Lower Back Support

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If you want to look like a Hollywood Star – guy and impress chicks all around you and not to mention all your friends? Well, then just get a six-pack. Now, in order to get that oh-so-elusive you need to follow a certain list of procedures that are surely going to help you look better. However there are fools who think that to get a six-pack does not require any kind of exercise or diet – such controls and surprising cases of stupidity should be completely left aside.

In order to get a perfect abs six pack you are bound to get the right combination of diet and your power not to mention a lifestyle. Getting honest Six pack abs is like a challenge and his is to have the human body loses fat which it is considered by many nutritional experts as part moderately difficult and at the same time avoid things that would retain the fat and this is the hardest part of the whole process. You are to remain in control as per your diets are affected and you simply have to part away with all that unhealthy stuff that you like gorging.

The food stuff less unnatural is simply going to harm your body and standing as immediate obstacles to your path to a six pack. Usually processed foods are very difficult for the human body to digest and then convert into energy and then it is advised to keep out junk food if you want to have those six packs. Be regularly at the gym and follow the exercises with interest and if it is not possible for you to pay regular visits to the gym then you can just rent or buy workout videos and follow him piously. A well-tried abs exercise will make you a world of good and also you need to take your workout routine with absolute seriousness

Feature Of how to build lean muscle without bulking up

  • ✔ GREAT BACK SUPPORT WORKOUT – Contours to your lower back providing maximum support to help prevent injury during rigorous abdominal exercises. Effectively prevents lower back and neck strain to ensure that you maintain an optimal position to maximize the benefit of the ab exercises. Protects your inner organs, central nervous system as well as promotes good posture.
  • ✔ STRENGTHENS ENTIRE CORE – allows full range of motion so the entire abdominal group is working to its full capacity – abs, obliques, and back. This trainer mat effectively isolates your ab muscles during crunches, leg lifts, and sit ups. It takes the hip flexors completely out of the equation, thus allowing you to make perfect ab workout reps every time.
  • ✔ STURDY & PORTABLE – the high-density foam ensures that our ab mat is strong and won’t flatten, tear and will maintain its shape for a very long time. Requires no set up and can be stored in its accompanying bag so you can effortlessly carry it and do perfect ab workouts anywhere!
  • ✔ COMFORTABLE & STABLE – has a non-slip base design to keep your ab exercise mat firmly in place so you can focus solely on your workout. No need to worry about balancing – it won’t wobble or slipout from under you! No readjustments, post-placement needed.
  • ✔ SATISFACTION GUARANTEE, FREE CARRYING BAG & USER GUIDE – purchase our ab trainer mat and also receive a free pouch and instructional guide on how to make the most out of your new workout equipment. You will love your ab support mat, or your money back! Just email our excellent customer service team for any questions about our products and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

Description of how to build lean muscle without bulking up

WANT TO TIGHTEN AND STRENGTHEN YOUR ABDOMINAL MUSCLES WITHOUT PUTTING TOO MUCH STRESS ON YOUR BACK?Then HomeGym 4U’s Abdominal and Core Trainer Mat is a must-have! Made of high-density foam and durable materials, it is very comfortable to use and made to last. It provides stability, constant tension, and a full range of motion, which regular crunches do not provide. Get full extension when doing sit-ups or crunches while having constant back and spine support.

Our ab trainer mat is specifically designed to target the right muscles – the upper abs, lower abs, obliques and the lower back muscles. Ideal for sit-ups, cross crunches, leg lifts, heel touches, and can also be used as a padded support for push-ups or handstand.

Its sleek design contours to your back’s natural shape providing your core support and stability as you perform different abdominal exercises. This high quality mat increases the effectiveness of standard floor crunches. Now you can do ab crunches without having to worry about lower back pain or injuries!

The non-slip feature helps you concentrate solely on doing your workout routine. Unlike fitness balls and ab wheels, this trainer mat will not roll or wobble on you so you so can do perfect core exercises every time. Plus, it is lightweight and portable so you can perform your abs workout routine anytime, anywhere!

See results from your rigorous ab workouts.

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